APH 2000, 58, 213-231:

Comorbidity of chronic cardiovascular disorders.  A cross-sectional analysis in a large general practice population in the Netherlands.

J.S.T.M. Landwehr, M. van den Akker, J.F.M. Metsemakers, F. Buntinx

Keywords: commorbidity, cardiovascular disorders, general practice, chronic disorders

Aim: Comorbidity is of increasin interest because of the rising prevalence of chronic disease in the next years due to the aging of the population and the development of medical possibilities.  Cardiovascular disorders are particularly important because of their high prevalence, especially among older persons.  We studied the prevalence and co-occurrence of chronic cardiovascular disorders and other chronic disorders.

Materials and Methods: Data were obtained from the Registration Network Family Practices (RNH) in the Netherlands.  The population studied consisted of 73,254 persons and resembled the general Dutch population.  Six groups of chronic cardiovascular disorders were analyzed for their comorbidity with 30 other groups of chronic disorders involving all body systems.  Logistic regression analyses were performed to obtain odds ratios describing their relations, adjusted for age and sex.

Results and conclusions: Cardiovascular disorders proved to be a disease category with a high amount of comorbidity in various body systems.  This is especially true for ischaemic heart diseases.  Many people suffer from cardiovascular disease and additional conditions.  It is therefore recommended that the nature and direction of these relations are studied more in detail to increase insight in the possibilities of prevention and therapy.