APH 2000, 58, 157-176:

A formula for health resources allocation, an application to health promotion in the French Community of Belgium.

V. Lorant

Keywords: health promotion, health services accessibility, spatial correlation, health ressources allocation

The work was intended to elaborate a formula due to allocate health promotion resources to the 10 Health Promotion Districts of the French speaking Community of Belgium.  The theorotical and methodological background is related to the third revision of the British RAWPS formula.  The model is designed on ecological data for each Belgian municipality: mortality ratios, young men overweight prevalence, 11 socio-economic indicators, hospital admission rate and general practitioner density.  The data are provided for each of the 589 Belgian municipalities.  A structural modelling technique is used on the data free of spatial correlation; the results unfold a strong relation between socio-economic factors and mortality, between socio-economic factors and overweight prevalence, a moderate relation between mortality and hospital admission rate.  On these results, two formulas are proposed to help allocate health promotion resources.  When equity is recognised as an important public health goal, we conclude that health resources allocation must take into account the socio-economic determinants of health and that these determinants are strongly concentrated within space.