APH 1999, 57, 383-394:

The development of an integrated computerized data-processing service for child health programmes in Tunisia.

J.P. Papart, E. Brenner, M. Garbouj, R. Jebeniani, E. Moshni, M. Sidhom, and K. Ben Abdallah

Keywords: child health, informatics, health information, Tunisia

The existence of several different vertical programmes relating to primary health care has added considerably to the administrative tasks of primary health personnel.  The same health information data is often required for several programmes, leading to wasted effort. Other data which is collected as part of'theses programmes is of limited or no usefulness. In order to solve these problems, and in consultation with the personnel working within health services, the primary health care Department of the Tunisian Ministry of Public Health has restructured its health data processing system. In a pilot project, the four child health programmes were targeted and a number of agents from the programmes were consulted about decisions concerning the planning and introduction of the project. The pilot project took place over a two year period between the stages of planning in May 96 and February 98, when the new system was extended to cover the whole of the national primary care system.