APH 1999, 57, 371-381:

Morbidité hospitalière chez les enfants d'âge préscolaire dans le gouvernorat de Monastir.

M.S. Soltani, Y. Bouzaine, M. Letaief, K. Ben Salem, W. Gafsi, N. Gueddiche, and A. Bchir

Keywords: morbidity, infant less than 6 years, Tunisia

Authors study hospital morbidity of child aged less than 6 years. The data are collected from the surveillance hospital morbidity system implemented in public hospitals since 1990.

The purpose of this study is to describe the hospital morbidity of this population during 95-96, and the utilization of health services.

5 065 admissions of child aged less than 6 years and living in the Monastir governorate, were collected during this period 56,7% of them were male. The unweaned infant aged 1-24 months account for 45,8%. 75% of them were in 
C. H. U.

The main categories of diagnosis are diseases of respiratory system (15,0), the prenatal affections (15,3%), traumatism and poisoning (12,6%) and infectious diseases (8,2%).

The main diagnosis are acute bronco pneumonia (9,8%), convulsions (6,3%), tonsil diseases of (6,0%) and diarrhea (5,5%). The premature and low birth weights, were in the 10th rank with 3% of cases.

Those admissions have caused 32 046 hospitals days which represent 7,4% of all hospitalization days in the region and a mean duration by admissions of 6,3 days.

The mean stay of hospitalization is related to disease because the main diagnoses, which accounted for 45,7% of cases, represent 50% of hospitalization days.

This profile of hospital morbidity of child less than 6 years shows the morbidity transition in our country, where infectious diseases and nutritional affections give up place to prenatal affections and traumatism.