APH 1998, 56, 253-261:

The prenatal care in the public sector: modalities and coverage in an urban district (Tunisia).

A. Bchir, F. Kayeche, K.B. Salem, A. Braham, Z. Belghith, and M. Soltani

Keywords: prenatal care, quality, public health sector, Tunisia

In order to evaluate how pregnant women use prenatal facilities, we undertook a survey carrying 180 pregnant women who consulted a first time in 1993 in the public health sector of Ksar Hellal sanitary district (Tunisia). For each woman we determined the number and the moment of the prenatal visits accomplished during her pregnancy.

The results showed that 40.5% of women consulted only one time, and 7.8% had their first visit in the first trimester of the pregnancy. By elsewhere we registered 888 childbirths of resident women in the district. We estimate that public sector cover only 22.2% of the target population.

Some actions are to undertake in order to increase the observance to the prenatal care in the public sector and the involvement of private doctors in national programs of prevention.