APH 1998, 56, 15-20:

Dichlorvos: carcinogenic for man ?  Position paper.

Hoge Gezondheidsraad, and Conseil Supérieur d'Hygiène

dichlorvos, carcinogen, environmental, man, review

Following the technique of the systematic review, an analysis has been performed of the available literature concerning the carcinogenic activity of the insecticide dichlorvos in animal and man. Using the IARC criteria, the review concluded that dichlorvos should be classified as a "Possible carcinogen for man" - IARC class 2b. The analysis also let to the calculation of long term accepted exposure limits, below which the cancer risk is considered negligible. These accepted exposures limits are 4 x 10 -4 mg/kg bw/day for the oral route (or ADI) and 0,01 mg/ml via inhalation. This classification and these accepted exposure limits differ from those applied at the European level and discussions will, therefore, follow with all interested stakeholders. Strict application of these exposure limits might have an impact on the registrations of dichlorvos as an insecticide for agricultural and non-agricultural uses in Belgium.