APH 1998, 56, 151-168:

Surveillance of infectious diseases in Flanders by compulsory notification.

K. De Schrijver

Keywords: control of communicable diseases, outbreak management, surveillance of infectious diseases

Surveillance of infectious diseases can be organised in different ways. One of them is the compulsory notification of communicable diseases. In Flanders the policy is legally based on the la w of the fifth of April 1995. Although the objective of this legislation is to focus on control measures, the registration of data is also very important. In 1996 the percumanent increase of meningococcal diseases and the identification of collective scabies infections and outbreaks of foodbome diseases are remarkable. Comparing the data of the compulsory network with those of the laboratoty surveillance, it becomes clear that the data of both surveillance systems are rather near to each other.  By combining both methods, the global picture on communicable diseases is more complete and provides a more accurate approach.