APH 1997, 55, 289-297:

H.I.V. screeningtests: vigilanceprogramma in BelgiŽ.

J-C. Libeer

Keywords: HIV screening, quality assurance, vigilance

There isn't any specific regulation in Belgium concerning reagens for laboratory diagnostics. Bloodtransfusion centres insist on more legal security of choices to be made concerning used screeningtests for H.I.V. This is the reason why the College of Reference Laboratories for AIDS, the Scientific Institute of Public Health (I.P.H.) and the FIDIAG (Fabrikanten en Invoerders van Diagnostica, diagnostic test distributors) have commonly established a voluntary surveillance programme.
The programme is based on the following criteria:
- a document with standardised information for every screeningkit;
- a kit fullfils essential basic criterias and is accepted by an official body in at least one
  European country;
- a follow-up of the results obtained with screeningkits by the AIDS Reference Laboratories;
- a promotion of the use of efficient internal control quality programmes in laboratories.

Based on the two first criteria, a list of screeningkits of H.I.V., used by AIDS Reference Laboratories, is made and is dissemined at regular intervals.

A procedure has been developed to quickly offer information to concerned people on shortcomings of H.I.V. screeningkits observed in Belgium or in Europe.

The surveillance procedure already showed its efficiency and could be considered as an example for other critical laboratory tests.