APH 1997, 55, 273-278:

Novel human herpesvirus.

M. Van Ranst, E. Padalko, and F. Struyf

Keywords: herpesviridae-classification, herpesvirus-6, herpesvirus-7, herpesvirus-8, multiple-myeloma-virology, multiple-sclerosis-virology

During the last decade, the Herpesviridae family has been enlarged by three novel human herpesviruses: H.H.V.-6 in 1986, H.H.V.-7 in 1990 and H. H. V.-8 in 1994.  H. H. V.-6 and H. H. V.- 7 cause exanthema subitum and/or febrile seizures on primary infection.  H.H.V.-6 is also proposed as an etiological factor in multiple sclerosis. H. H. V.-8 causes Kaposi's sarcoma, multicentric Castleman's disease, and primary effusion lymphoma.  Recently, the presence of H.H.V.-8 D.N.A. has been associated with multiple myeloma (Morbus Kahler) and sarcoidosis.