APH 1997, 55, 221-229:

Direct treatment costs of schizophrenic patients in Belgium.

M. De Hert, E. Thys, J. Boydens, P. Gilis, K. Kesteloot, L. Verhaegen, and J. Peuskens

Keywords: schizophrenia, costs, outcome

Schizophrenia generates a great deal of cost and burden. The aim of this study was to assess the direct costs of treatment for schizophrenic patients receiving standard treatment in different settings in Belgium. Costs were calculated for patients and the Belgian insurance system. Data from Belgium's largest sickness fund was used to estimate health expenditure for all schizophrenic patients in Belgium. The mean total direct treatment cost was $ 12 050 per patient per year, or $ 304 million for all schizophrenic patients per year.  This cost Constitutes 1.9 % of the Belgian Govemment's total health expenditure.  Government expenditure per schizophrenic patient is 10 times that of an average citizen.