APH 1997, 55, 145-158:

Style de pratique en médecine générale et activités préventives en Communauté française de Belgique.

A. Levêque, L. Berghmans, R. Lagasse, J. Laperche, et D. Piette

Keywords: primary health care, health promotion, Belgium, general practitioners

In Belgium, the density of general practioners (GPs) and primary health care services are high.  Therefore numerous contacts between population and GPs are observed.  Nevertheless, there are several gaps in population prevention coverage.
Preventive practices have been studied in three samples of GPs with different style of practice: the first sample is representative for GPs from the French-speaking Community of Belgium.  The second sample comes from GPs attending a one week in-service training in prevention.  GPs working in health centers form the third sample.

Analysis of data showed significant differences between samples essentially concerning smoking cessation programs prescription and vaccination.

Obstacles for wider use of preventive practice in general practice are similar in the three samples: no patient's demand, difficult links with reason for consultation, fears of patient's refusal, inadequate fees.

Looking at this situation (same obstacles despite different work environments or sensibilization), it seems that a large reflection on preventive services organisation and preventive policy in the French-speaking Community of Belgium should be done.